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Each session costs $100, including intake (first session), individual counseling, play therapy, parent sessions, and family sessions.  Payment is due at the time of each session unless otherwise discussed.  Cash or checks are accepted.  

Boys jumping Insurance

Willow Counseling Services currently accepts most PPO insurance plans. These plans will usually allow you to choose an out-of-network provider for behavioral health services.  WCS handles all insurance claims for you.  

To find out information for your specific insurance plan:
1)   Call the number on your insurance card.

2)   Ask if you have out-of-network behavioral health coverage.

If the answer is yes, ask what your deductible is.  Then ask what your coverage is after you meet your deductible.  

If the answer is no, you can choose between finding an in-network provider or paying out-of-pocket.  Your network provider list can usually be accessed through your insurance company's website or in a hardcopy sent to you in the mail.  

Medicaid is not currently accepted.


You may choose to pay for counseling services out-of-pocket, which simply means that you are solely responsible for the entire fee, and that your claims will not be sent in to your insurance company.  For some families, this is the preferred method of payment.  It allows families to retain control of the privacy of their mental health information.  

You and/or your child's treatment information and DSM-IV diagnosis are accessible by your insurance company if claims are filed.  They have the right to review any information pertinent to the treatment plan in order to determine reimbursement.  You have the right to choose not to involve the insurance company in your treatment.  


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